Mr. Ramvishwas Meena – Agri Business M.B.A. Hyderabad (Since 2009)

He is the first student in Agri. Branch to obtained the M.B.A degree in Business management at all India level famous college at Hyderabad. He is working as a regional manager in Agri. Business company in Rajasthan.

Mr. Kishor Gajjalwar – B.D.O. (Since 2014)

Our student Kishor Gajjalwar from a quit moffussil area was first selected as a P.S.I. & then B.D.O. He is working as a dedicated Govt. Officer at Etapalli which is the most famous camp place of Nakshalize in Gadchiroli district.

Mr. Mangal Nagarkar – Scientist Newyork USA. (Since 1980)

Mr. Mangal Nagarkar was selected as a scientist in B.A.R.C Mumbai in Physics. Then he joined as a software science-related analyst at Newyork.

Mr. E.Z.Khobragade – I.A.S (Since1978)

One of our student Mr. E.Z.Khobragade, worked as is an IAS officer in Maharashtra. We have supported his Science graduate education completely after which he has degree in Physics and then he acquired an IAS. He is very much attached to us, he collects the donation for us, he also himself help us and his two earning daughters are also helping us, even after their marriage.

Prof. Prabhu Shende – Senior College professor (Since 1980)

A Student Prabhu Shende completed his degree during his hostel stay. Though he was too brilliant, he preferred to work as a teacher in school due to too much poverty. His mother could not purchase a one new saree for ten years. We helped him completely for his M.Sc. Physics education at Nagpur. While he was studying in final, his father died and he has no money for the funeral of his father. We supported for this funeral also. Today he is a Professor in Physics and he is a quite reputed senior college Professor in Physics at Nagpur. He is famous for his knowledge in Quantum Mechanics. He is supporting us financially and also his son is attached to us.

Mr. Abhay Nannaware – I.R.S. (Since 2007)

Our student Abhay Nannaware is I.R.S. – Indian Revenue Service- working a Income Tax commissioner at Nagpur. It is just next to I.A.S. His all India rank was 565. Upto 500 rank, it was I.A.S. and next was I.R.S. He is from a small village in the most backward district Gadchiroli of Maharashtra and from a family of low education category. He had a very good academic achievement at All India Level.

Dr. Vishwas Zade – M.D. Medicine (Since 2005)

Our student Dr. Vishwas Zade, M.D. Medicine runs a Spandan heart clinic at Chandrapur for preliminary heart treatment. It is a three storey hospital & is a most successful doctor at Chandrapur – dist. & corporation place in Maharashtra. His family background was very week & also with low educational background. His medical support to V.S.S. is of great importance.