Unique Satisfaction

  • In the period Dec 18 to June 20, we have a construction of Rs. 3 crore with the help of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Pune, Birewar Foundation Trust Mumbai & Hon. Narendraji Jadhav for a building of DNYANDA school, hostels for a 300 boys & girls, 1BHK flats for teachers – 4 flats.
  • Dnyanda – ‘Tumhich Tumche Shilpakar Vha!’ (Self Motivation)
  • Our purpose is to reach the have nots from the remote places who are having brilliancy. We feel that if these students suffer from higher and professional education due to poverty, it is the national loss. We work in this direction and we have lot of stories of such students who are now highly qualified and working at different places, with lot of affection for our parent institution. Even our past students have opened hostels at 4 different places in Maharashtra. This is our best achievement and satisfaction.
  • Our motivation programme with the help of our own design diary – DNYANDA- help the students to achieve their goal, make them social oriented and inspire them to be a good citizen for the nation. Thus it is a process of man making. People have now nominclated Dnyanda Jeevan Vikas Kendra to have its own model. This is an unparalleled achievement for us.
  • The readers of the marathi newspaper Loksatta of all the editions in maharashtra have contributed  Rs. 30 lacs under their social activity ‘SARVAKARYESHU SARVADA’.Total contributors were 400 in Sept.14.
  • It is an unparalleled activity of human excellence- which is proved by the fact that we were supported by Rs.30 Lakhs by the readers of Marathi daily Loksatta, when it featured our institution in one of its articles.The role of the community in the process will be to assist these students partly for their mess expenses & their minor expenses including encouragement for their bright future.