Prof. Amrut Lonare

Retd. Principal, Jr. College


Treasurer VSS, Past hostel

student & founder of VSS branch

at Hinganghat,Dist.-Wardha.

(Hostels for 100 Boys & 100 Girls) on 4 acre land.


Mobile – 9850454446


Participation with the institution

• Second Line

• Co-successor of the founder Prof.Madhukar Uplenchwar.

• Founded & shares the full responsibility of the “SPANDAN” hostel, Hinghanghat, Dist – Wardha, An activity under VSS building worth Rs. 50 Lakh. 40 students, work culture on parallel lines with Dnyanda JVK & site for future expansion of 3.5 acre at Pimpalgaon (Hinganghat).

• Maintains contact with the donors in that area.

• Study guidance in the subject Physics for the Dnyanda &Spandanhostel students.

Attends regularlyC.F. Annual Meet at Mumbai& regular contacts with C.F.

Engg. Dilip Agrawal

Secretary VSS, Past hostel student


A land of 4 acre from Goyanka family at hinganghat is obtained by his efforts.

Mobile – 9422165341

Email- dilipkumaragrawal@gmail.com

Participation with the institution

• Second Line

• Successor of the founder Prof. Madhukar Uplenchwar.

• Maintains contact with the other Associates of C.F.

• Collects the yearly local donation of Rs. 2 to2.5 Lakh for VSS.

• Frequent visit to the hostel along with guests.

• Supervision of Building construction.

• Very affectionate relation with Lonare &Lonbale.

Prof. Kashinath K. Lonare

Retd. Principal Jr. College Hinganghat

General Member of VSS & past hostel student & co-founder of VSS branch at Satefal(Near Hinganghat), Principal Dnyanda School & Jr. college Satefal (Hostel for 240 boys & 60 girls on 4 acre land)

Mobile – 9423644005

Email- klonare17@gmail.com

Participation with the institution

• Second Line has shared the responsibility of VSS under the guidance of Prof. Uplenchwar.

• Co-successor of VSS.

Attends regularly C.F. Annual Meet at Mumbai& regular contacts with C.F.

Prof. Gajanan Lonbale

Asst. Secretary, VSS Past hostel student

Mobile – 9403440300


Participation with the institution

• Second Line

• Close associate of the successor Dilip Agrawal.

• Maintains a contact with large number of senior past students and collect fund from them.

dr. mahakarkar_0001 - Copy

Dr.Shriram Mahakarkar

Trustee VSS , Past hostel student

A research guide and high level teacher

Donated his award of Rs.One lac as an Ideal Teacher in 2015 to VSS.Warora.

Mob.no.- 9404126377

E-mail Id – shrirammahakarkar01@gmail.com


Participation with the institution

• Second Line

Shri. Purushottam V. Chikate

Past Student &, serving as Highschool Teacher

Mobile – 8805765431

Email –puru_chikate@rediffmail.com


Participation with the institution

Third Line

• Visits the Hostel regularly.

• Look after the Library work.

• Participation in functions of VSS.

Shri. Prakash R. Mahakalkar

Past Student &Extension Officer (Education) Warora.

Mobile – 8605898871

Email –mahakalkarprakash@gmail.com

Participation with the institution

• Third Line

• Shares the responsibility of cultural functions. Conducts annual ‘Baba AmteManavtaPuraskar Function’

• Attends guest visits and keeps contacts with hostel inmates

Shri. SachinJagtap

Past Student &, serving as a Teacher

Mobile – 9405040504, 7588088088

Email -sachinjagtap786@rediffmail.com


Participation with the institution

• Incharge of the Competitive Examination Guidance Centre.

• Responsibility of Annual Social gathering & preparation of Baba AmtePuraskar function on a large scale.

Main Staff of the VSS

Shri. Suresh Kamble

Mobile – 8605169453

Participation with the institution

  • Principal Accountant with audit responsibility.
  • Maintains the contacts with the past students.
  • Supervision of building maintenance and repairs.
  • working on all 7 days.

Shri. Gautam Shende

Mobile – 9673087630

Email-gautams2008@yahoo.co.in, shendeg30@gmail.com

Participation with the institution

  • Hostel Warden with Quarter facility and availability for 24 hrs. in the premises.
  • Supervision of the mess.
  • Part-time Computer Teacher.
  • Office work.
  • Maintains regular contacts with the past students.
  • Working on all 7 days.
  • Correspondance with key donors & past students.

Mr.Suresh & Mr. Gautam both are working as an integrated part of V.S.S.

Shri. Ram Tonge

Mobile – 8805909407

Participation with the institution

• Librarian, SanskarGranthalaya ‘A Grade’ Library, recognized by Government, `having a separate building in the hostel premises, available for public also.

• Utility – To develop character book reading habits, personality book reading habits among the students.

( 16,000 books, 15 newspapers, 50 magazines/weekly etc.)

Sushil N. Shendare

Mobile – 9673142392

Asst. Librarian (M.Lib.), Sanskar Granthalaya

• Works all seven days of week with full devotion
(since last 2 years)


Shri. Mahadeo S. Dahule

Mobile – 8605365908

• Mess Superviser& Electrician

(Since Last 15 years)