Dnyanda-bldg-photoThis is the main activity of VSS Warora. It is a group of 4 hostel buildings internally connected to each other to accommodate 200 students. The mess facility is the best one. Overall contribution by the students is Rs.800/- to Rs.1000/- per month with some 30 to 40 students contributing Rs.500 and nearly 20 are completely free. This includes lodging boarding, electricity & maintenance also. Our per month expenses are Rs.2800/- to Rs.3000/- p.m. We have a quite different prayer at the time of meals. Also we have a daily prayer in the night at 7.30 pm. followed by Ishwarchintan and explanation of a good thought by 1 student every day. 5 general knowledge questions after prayer every day is our specialty. The Swayamev Mrugendrata motivation programme of the students is our richness of the quality. A character building through the have achieved a name in the public.

Visits by past students, their success stories for the motivation of the students, establishing of hostels by past students at different places and the visits by the guests through the past students have achieved a name and fame to the Dnyanda Jeevan Vikas Kendra. Our academic activities have made the hostel very popular. Dnyanda hostel is the key process on the achievement of our motto to build up the nation through the students and the way of their life as the citizen of India as they are our past students.