Concept & Background

Very humbly the Samiti confess that all extension work is done through the public donations. Every year nearly 300 donors from the local community contribute around Rs. 10 lakhs as a food donation for us. It is presumed notion that the financial aid from the Government puts shackles on the growing feet of an institution. The Samiti firmly believes that good and selfless objectives always attract people’s generosity that energizes the Samiti, and it finds itself full of strength and vigour to provide free meals to some and food to some others on nominal charges. CARING FRIENDS MUMBAI is our chief patron. They took initiative to accelerate our work in the last 15 yrs. In this effort the past students, grateful and indebted, too help simultaneously we assistance of Rs. 15 lakhs for our past students for their higher education anywhere in India.
Expansion never ceases and magnanimity has no bounds.Happiness dies when it is not shared. Hence come and be a part of the shared feeling.
Join us in making students, young and less fortunate to go up the ladder of success. We relly on the dedication of our work, we believe on the generosity of philanthropic individuals, organization, and certain Industrial Houses. Finally we have unshakable faith in him who stands behind all self-less missions!

We Believe in only one Religion, 

That is the Religion of Love.

We Believe in only one Caste,

That is the Caste of Humanity.

We Believe in only one Language,

That is the Language of Heart.

We Believe in only one God,

Who is Omnipresent.

Hence, we care to touch and motivate, along with the change, in the lives of many educationally deprived…