• Aakar Foundation, Nagpur 

Competitive exam.coaching classes at our center

In addition to the reading room facility for competitive exam we are conducting bank clerk/probationary officer coaching classes having a tie up with Aakar Foundation Nagpur at a concessional rate.The classes are conducted at week end so as the complete syllabus in year.Local girl students are also provided this concessional facility.Hostel students are provided this facility free of charge.This is a very good service in the competitive exam.coaching facility by Aakar Foundation Nagpur.The students now have a chance to develop their bright future without any fees.


  • Baba Amte Manavata Award –

Every year we felicitate a dedicated person by Baba Amte Manavata Award of Rs.51,000/- which is sponsored by a freedom fighter Shri. Shridharrao Padmawar. The purpose behind this is that the impact of ‘To serve God, serve Man’ should be imbibed on our students. They should develop their character alongwith service to humanity. As such this heavily attended programme is one of our most successful activity in the field of character building.

The Guest on the Dias are also quite able to motivate our students. Now this programme is to be added by Sadhanatai Amte Samidha Award  for Rs.51,000/- to a dedicated lady social worker from 2017.


  • A Family Get-together of the past hostel students

Every year our past hostel students attend the get-together with  their family so as to develop a strong relation between them and also with the parent organisation VSS. This builds a strong bond for social service.


  • Spandan Magazine 

Every year we publish an annual ‘SPANDAN’ magazine on 15th Aug.which contains a report about our activities,plans,donor support,success of past students,academic achievement of the past students, thought provoking articles useful for building the nation.


  • Competitive exam reading room facility

As our area is a moffussial area we prepare the mind set of the boys and girls to prepare for comp. exam through a reading room facility for 60 students and daily for 15 hours along with the sufficient books for competitive exam. Also 15 newspapers and sufficient magazines are provided to these readers. The students then appear for different entrance exam.They are also provided the guidance through those who had a very good success in comp.exam.

All these activities explain that this is a very good institution in the field of education  for the deprived students.


For more information do visit our documentary film-

For English Documentary Film – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp6m_HMBtpg

For Marathi Documentary Film(Part 1) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2JXEENgJyI

For Marathi Documentary Film(Part 2) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I6qx554n4M



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