Key activities proposed- at our new Hinganghat Branch

i) Construction of hostel for 100 students near Hinganghat, Distt. Wardha

ii) Library with a reading room with required furniture

iii) Computer training centre building

iv) Science Laboratory building to prepare the KISHOR VAIGYANIK Scientists under the guidance of IISc Bangalore

v) Coaching to the students under Earn & Learn scheme.

vi) Audio-Visual motivational programmes

vii) Self motivation programmes

viii) Play grounds for outdoor games

ix) Indoor games facility

x) Personality development of the students

xi) Competitive exam coaching classes with nominal fees

xii) Educational Camps and training/coaching to girl students

The implementation approach will be through the devoted teachers and our trained staff.

Stakeholders will support us for hostel, mess, other activities and needs.

Our Measurable Outcomes –

i) The underprivileged students from rural areas are able to pursue their desired higher education for which we also support them to the tune of Rs. 15 Lakhs every year.

ii) The families of small farmers in our district will become self-reliant, which will assist in reducing the curse of  farmers suicide in the long run.

iii) Sustainability of the poor farmers increases during droughts etc. as their families are financially stabilized because of their children’s enhanced earning capacity.

iv) The farmers will be able to get financial support from the earning son for their farming activities, reducing their dependency on the money-lenders.

v) We have our so many students who provide at least two room slab house with toilets for their parents. This is our great achievement and a pleasure for us.

vi) Due to higher education of our students, their thought process as well as financial and social standing of their parents is elevated in the society.

vii) Once a rural student is educated his /her siblings also get a chance for higher education.

Viii) Our institute is appreciated as an ‘institute of human excellence’ at different levels- donors, media, student & members of the community etc.

ix) Our work is recognised as a challenge to bring the Marathi medium poor rural students at the academic level of admissions to Govt. Medical/Engineering/post graduate/Ph.Ds/ other professional courses at par with urban students from educated families.


Excellent Teachers – Excellent India

  • Competitive exam residential centre
  • Well equiped libery
  • Reading rooms
  • Guidence by experts
  • Everything to fullfill the need of the students for preparation of the competitive exam.
  • A land of 3.5 acre worth Rs.75 Lakhs is purchased at Hinganghat
  • It is supported by CARING FRIENDS MUMBAI.
  • Plans for competitive exam training centre with residential facilities for boys & girls.
  • An autonomous teachers training institute of a job oriented & business oriented project.
  • Providing good teachers for different English medium schools.
  • Ability of teachers for good coaching – own earning.
  • Games, sports, library, science education facilities for local students.
  • Science Park.

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